Synchronizing order fulfillment 

Fill orders more quickly and accurately. Automate replenishment. Avoid stock-outs. The 360dataTM Order Management System (OMS) creates a central hub for supply chain orders, seamlessly integrating your online order portal, inventory planning, procurement and fulfillment processes for smoother, more accurate fulfillment.

Centralized product requests, planning & fulfillment

The 360data solution captures and unifies information from a range of sources, including customers and inside sales. The automatic order entry system extracts customer data, applies pricing rules and then generates product requisitions, purchase orders and freight orders for virtually turnkey fulfillment. Inventory planning features ensure that a specified stock on-hand is  maintained.

  • Integrates ordering with enterprise systems, warehouse inventory & shipping
  • Provides order confirmation & receipt across all trading partners
  • Automated, rules-based fulfillment allows staff to focus on exceptions, rather than routine transactions
  • Reconciles purchase orders with inventory, shipments & invoices

Real-time visibility & accuracy

Based in the cloud, the 360data solution provides real-time visibility to electronic purchase orders, order processing and status. If you choose, you can even offer your customers visibility to current inventory levels to aid in planning.

  • Flexible product tracking by lot, SKU, expiration date
  • Early fulfillment exception alerts help improve service levels
  • Exceptional order matching simplifies financial settlement



  • Integrates order management with customer, supplier & enterprise systems
  • Exceptional traceability ensures accuracy
  • Ability to provide inventory view to customers for improved planning
  • Manages base product pricing rules for different customers
  • Can configure customized fulfillment rules
  • Automatically resolves requisitions into inventory/purchase orders (including multiple receipts against the same PO)
  • Provides order confirmation & receipt across all trading partners
  • Automatically generates shipment consignments from released orders for use in planning & shipping
  • Provides early detection & alerting to fulfillment exceptions
  • Generates trading partner compliance reports & audit trail
  • Supports reverse logistics


Top 5 reasons to choose 360data OMS

  1. Automated process minimizes manual order entry & errors
  2. Integrated systems deliver more rapid & accurate fulfillment
  3. Automatic inventory planning prevents stock-outs
  4. Offers real-time visibility to order status
  5. Economical SaaS solution, with no software to maintain

See case studies on successful OMS solutions.




These frequently used enterprise systems are just a few of the systems we can support.

+-File Types

Custom Flat-File


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Maps to all EDI transaction sets, including:
204 Motor Carrier Load Tender
990 Confirm that 204 Received
214 Motor Carrier Status Update
210 Motor Carrier Freight Details & Invoice
753 Request for Routing
754 Routing Instructions
850 Purchase Order
810 Invoice
997 Functional Acknowledgment

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